Some words on Wii’s Punch-Out!!

It’s fun. I think most of you will be satisfied. Really, there need not be a whole lot to explain. If you’ve played any iteration of the game that existed in the past… you have played this. Now, replace the left and right punch buttons with moving the Nunchuk or Wiimote respectively. That’s it! That’s the game! It’s the same dodging and jabbing and mastering of patterns that everyone is familiar with. The dodging and blocking are done via the Nunchuk’s joystick, so there’s no fear of accidentally punching when you meant to move or anything like that, and pressing up on it turns your low jabs to high. The A button uses up your star points that you earn for the same well-timed punches from before.

One added thing is that you can choose your opponent. I only got to take on two guys (the same first two from Mike Tyson’s) while playing the game at GDC, but it looks like it can potentially branch out as you progress, because you have to literally point to and select the next opponent. Also, each one has a little slide show cut scene kind of thing preceding a match that characterizes them a little bit. The exhibit hall is loud, so it’s also possible that they are speaking during this time, but I can’t say for sure.

I had a good time playing it, but after a few hours time between then and now, I have to say a little bit of disappointment has set in. Unless the prospect of taking on old favorites with your actual arm movements appeals to you, then you can pretty much get all out of this game that you can get from the original NES version. Maybe I’m being unfair to ask for a little more, but if the old one still holds up (I still enjoy it whenever I start it up, and it’s five bucks on Virtual Console), then all that there seems to be here is punching motions. Not completely convinced on this one now, but you might be all about it.