Update 2 / The Pitt is in the pitts

Update 2: Major Nelson reports that The Pitt is out of the pitts (read: available again on LIVE) and includes directions on how to re-download it, for no charge of course.

Update: Bethesda says today could be the day the fixed DLC pops onto LIVE.

Original story: Today marked the release of the second downloadable episode for Fallout 3 entitled The Pitt. It takes place in Pittsburgh, PA and brings back the consequence driven decisions that wasn’t present in Operation Anchorage. It’s just so sad no one can really enjoy it because of the insane number of bugs that came bundled with the download. As a result The Pitt has been temporarily pulled from the Marketplace.

Angry gamers hit up Major Nelson’s blog claiming glitchy textures and graphics, freezing issues and exclamation points popping up all over the environment. Bethesda is aware of the problems and says the English version of The Pitt was somehow corrupted. It is currently working on the issue and hopes to replace the file soon.