The Tim Schafer adventure game starring Tim Schafer

With GDC 2009 in full swing and our own Tommy “T-Law” Lawler on the scene to make sure TVGB is blacklisted from future invites (you’re our only hope, Tommy), there’s all sorts of serious business and “megaton” announcements to be written about. However, as far as I’m concerned the show is over and everyone can stop worrying about a Locust dating sim coming as Gears of War 2 DLC or a secret Halo 3: OBGYN project. The megaton of megatons has already been unleashed.

To commemorate their overlord, Tim Schafer, hosting GDC 2009, Double Fine, creators of the upcoming BrĂ¼tal Legend, have created a classic point-and-click adventure game (it’s the new next-gen) suitably titled, Host Master and the Conquest of Humor, starring Tim Schafer as Tim Schafer. In the game, players are tasked with helping Tim find jokes scattered about his dressing room lest he make a fool of himself and be forever haunted by failing as a capable host. It works on many layers and would argue that it rivals Braid in terms of smart making and stuff that does that thing with your brain. Stop reading; go play!