Zelda enters the steam age with Spirit Tracks

If you didn’t like Windwaker because it was cel-shaded and cartoony you can go crawl in a hole and die. Sorry to be harsh, but anyone who has denied themselves the enjoyment of Windwaker (and Phantom Hourglass for that matter) because of its graphical style just plain aggravates me beyond belief. It’s an amazing game, with stunning graphics! Go play it, and then come back and watch this trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks so that you can actually be excited over it.

Iwata dropped the newZelda bomb at the end of his keynote today and instantly sent the entire press core off humming the Zelda theme over and over again. Luckily Nintendo followed up with this trailer (lovingly surrounded by the DSi) of the game. It appears that Link will be traveling by train this time as he has become an engineer. Does this mean that the series has once again jumped in time and the land of Hyrule is not longer covered in water? Don’t worry, this isn’t some Zelda spin-off. The trailer also shows plenty of dungeon action with new weapons and giant bosses. What is it about Zelda games that gets us gamers so excited? Oh, that’s right, they’re awesome.