First sexual XBLA game now available

In a first for Xbox Live Marketplace, a community game has received a 3/3 Sex Rating. Break One Out (how clever) is a brick breaking game, a’la Breakout, where you use a sphere to destroy a series of bricks on the screen. With each broken brick a picture of, you guessed it, almost nude females is slowly revealed. We say almost because the pictures, as seen after the jump, have strategically placed black bars over the naughty bits.

Break One Out does support the Xbox 360’s parental controls, but even so there will be those who want the game removed. Sadly, anytime sex is attached to something, it will inevitably sell like hotcakes, gameplay be damned, and defended as vehemently as it is opposed.

Hmm… search the internet for pictures like this or plop down 200 Microsoft points. Decisions, decisions.