Lost Planet 2 seems to be all about foursomes

The latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine has spilled some beans on Capcom’s Lost Planet 2, revealing it may be shifting gears from a single-player adventure to the exploits of a foursome. Not the one that’ll get you in trouble with that special someone (unless they’re into that sort of thing), but one that is far less awkward the next day.

According to OXM, “Lost Planet 2 will put a huge emphasis on your responsibility to your team. Besides having you mind your own T-ENG reserves when the fighting gets rough, Capcom also plans to incorporate something called a ‘Team Military Power Bar.’ If you happen to die during a mission, you’ll be able to immediately respawn at a data post — but your team’s overall Military Power Bar will take a hit.”

The game will also feature EPIC (emphasis in honor of the internets — one love) boss battles involving teamwork on a grand scale and the customization of your snow pirate, including armor, weapons and personal taunt — I like mine crucial. This shift of gameplay focus kind of intrigues me. I didn’t enjoy Lost Planet, for reasons apart from playing the game was almost the same as going outside in the wintertime, but we don’t need to get down in it. Anybody else digging the gang bang scenario or would you rather be alone?