Modern Warfare 2 teaser gets immediately dissected

It’s been less than 24 hours since the Modern Warfare 2 teaser trailer was set loose on the world and as expected, some dedicated soul has taken it upon themselves to put it under a microscope. Using the super duper analyzing tool on the official Modern Warfare 2 site, Binge Gamer has broken apart multiple frames in an attempt to find the tasty secrets that lie within. They’re estimating that a part of MW2 could take place in England due to a tiny image that looks like the Angel of the North. There were planes, helicopters, farms, a submarine and even a giant teddy bear in one of the frames.

The doors are now open for rampant speculation and unconfirmed rumors. TVGB stands by our flawless logic that the game will definitely be modern. See, we’re a clever bunch.

Activision also sent out the official press release today, again confirming the Nov. 10 release date and that the game has indeed dropped the “Call of Duty” part of its title as is now simply called Modern Warfare 2. That, and the following quote from Infinity Ward CEO Vince Zampella, is all the information the release holds. “Everyone on the team is laser focused on making the most gripping experience we’ve ever created. No detail is too small and every finishing touch imaginable is underway to make Modern Warfare 2 our best ever. We can’t wait for our fans around the world to play starting November 10th.”