New Indiana Jones trailer whips it good

Controlling Indiana Jones like never before sounds great, but it looks tiring. The above trailer shows off some of the Wiimote gameplay, as people swing left and right for every punch, whip move and all kinds of activities like rowing boats and flying planes. There had better be some button presses mixed in there somewhere or complaining about “Wii tennis elbow” will be making a major comeback as we’re sure every Indy fan will be wanting this game if only to help forget The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kingsis looking great despite the potential of fatigue. We’re anxious to jump in and experience an all new story staring the original tomb raider. The environments could have been ripped right from the movies with ancient temples, white water rapids, deserts, bars, etc… promising another globe trotting adventure. The interactive environments and different Wiimote motion controls for fighting with the whip just leave us hungry for more. The rafting section shows two players working together, so looks like we’ll be seeing some form of co-op too.

In our excitement lets not forget that The Staff of Kingswill also be releasing for the PS2, PSP and DS. The PSP version will even have additional content that no other system gets. The DS will of course have stylus control, but nothing special seems to be there for PS2 owners. Additional content or not, we just want this one for our Wiis so we can whip it–whip it good.