Postal III debut trailer shows progress

If Postal III developer Running With Scissors is is just now showing off pre-beta footage of the game, then what the hell did we see at last year’s E3? Was that like Zeta? I’ve never been much of a Postal fan as random killing outside of a quality gaming set place has never been my idea of fun, but it is quite clear that the tongue-in-cheek murderous rampages are still in tack and that killing while riding a Segway is conceivably possible.

Otherwise all that can be seen here is a bloody Gears 2 clone with a badger in place of a chainsaw. Creative weaponry is always fun, but Running With Scissors is going to have to pull a bit more out of their magic hat of tricks to get anyone seriously interested in the game. Then again they’ll probably just put in a sex scene or something else that the mainstream media finds terribly offensive and make their money back off of the buzz that that generates alone. Then again, that tactic flopped for Manhunt 2.