Rock Band plays to the tune of $1 billion

Rock Band, the first full band music videogame to hit consoles, has just breached the $1 billion mark for North American sales. With just 15 months under the brand’s belt, that’s pretty damn good; but don’t forget how expensive it is to begin with. Still NPD shows Rock Band as the highest grossing game in 2008 across any console or genre.

Not only have they been rocking the shelves, but Harmonix and MTV Games are reporting that there have been over 40 million paid, individual song downloads. That puts Rock Band as the music videogame DLC leader with 614 songs from 269 different artists available to date.

On its trek to become music videogame supreme ruler, and making loads of coin, Rock Band has set a lot of firsts. Rock Band was the first music videogame to offer weekly DLC, averaging three songs a week since launch. It was the first to offer full albums as downloadable content and first to debut a song in-game the same day it was released to radio. With all these innovative firsts we still can’t see why no one has incorporated Dance Dance Revolution with Rock Band. Set the band to country and the audience to line dancing. Best party game EVER!