The search for Duke Nukem

We’re looking for a few good men. Wait, scratch that. Deep Silver and Apogee Software are looking for a few good men–men that look like Duke Nukem. So cosplayers, start gearing up and waiting in line to represent the new Duke Nukem Trilogy for DS/DSi and PSP. Your mission, should you be Duke enough to accept, is to be judged on your ability to personify the Duke’s take-no-prisoners attitude and how much you look like him, of course.

The three city contest will kick off in New York this April, move west to Los Angeles and wrap up in Dallas in May. Diehard fans that can’t make it in person (or aren’t old enough to drive like Jason Savage here), submissions videos can also be mailed in. After that, the top three will “duke” it out at an E3 special event in June, where the new Duke will be announced. Hopefully that means we’ll finally get some hands on time with Critical Mass, the first game in the trilogy, which comes out this September.

Check out our first preview of the Duke Nukem Trilogy for a story rundown. This could provide helpful tips to win over the judges, like posing in the famous American flag raising at Iwo Jima which is said to be featured in the trilogy finale, Proving Grounds. We’d like to see a talent portion to the E3 contest involving stunt wires and explosions. Just no swimsuit competition though, please.