And Yet It Moves teaser spins us right round

There are so many words that could attempt to describe what is shown in the above video, but one keeps coming up and stabbing our frontal lobes forcing us to spit it out: Amazing. What seems to be a growing trend of art meeting videogames And Yet It Moves is no exception. The puzzle-platformer is clearly visually stunning with its paper collage motif but the biggest and most striking feature is the core game mechanic of being able to rotate the world.

Up is down, down is up. There is no right or left. You take your character through the lush visual world attempting to overcome obstacles thrown in your way by moving the world around you. The gameplay implications look amazing and nothing short of difficult. I can already see myself getting turned upside down because I have the world pointed the wrong way. Unfortunaty this is a PC/Mac only title for now but the good news is the system requirements shouldn’t be very high. Even those with a non-gaming PC should be able to get in on this goodness.