Batman enters the shadows

Could it be? Could it really be? A Batman game that doesn’t instantly give you that sick feeling that it’s just going to suck more balls than the village whore? The above video is a challenge room from Batman: Arkham Asylum that shows off how the game will use stealth and planning instead of suck and more suck. They’re calling it Invisible Predator gameplay and it basically means that planning your attacks out is the way to go.

Not only does the gameplay look like a great blend of action and stealth, but I love that they’ve come up with a reasonable excuse for Batman to be able to see the entire layout of an area. He’s Batman, of course he can get the lay of the land somehow. One of the most annoying things in stealth games is when you basically have to beat a section by memorizing patterns of guards and dying over and over. If the actual game outside of the challenge modes allows you to be just as creative than we might be humming the Batman theme with glee once again.