DiRT 2 teaser video is meh

WAIT!! Keep your grubby hands away from that play button for just a second and hear us out. See those amazing looking cars, majestic mountains, and motion blur of the gravel being thrown in the loser’s face? Just savor this image for a moment because once you start the video, those cars above are the last good look you will have at anything race related in this post. Of course, you could always go back and see the shiny screenshots we posted earlier if you need a fix.

DiRT 2 is headed to PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and handhelds this September. A look at the official website tells us nothing more than the video above did, except that “It’s gonna get messy,” and some guy on tour wants your email. Only thing we see that is going to be messy is that girl cooking bacon in her underwear. Ever heard of an apron?