ESRB list leaks Call of Duty and Wolfenstein 3D, both for PSN and XBL

We love the ESRB. Not only does it police our industry worse than movie and television rating systems, but it also gives us a sneak peek at what games are in the works. Their most recent update, for example, gives us two unexpected releases on PSN and XBL with the original Call of Duty and Wolfenstein 3D.

It makes sense to have these titles in two ways: both of these games are originals to upcoming releases, Modern Warfare 2 and Wolfenstein respectively, and releasing them again might make someone, somewhere at least some money. The original Call of Duty never made the jump from PC and there must be at least a few people out there too paranoid to download an old ROM of Wolfenstein 3D, not that we would condone such action in any way (cough, cough, cough).

Digital downloads are quickly becoming equal to storefront efforts, but more so in regards to retro titles like these. Short of a complete graphics upgrade or new stages, crafting these to fit on the PSN or XBL couldn’t have taken much effort; but is the effort even worth it? WWII has been done to death, which is why we’re getting Modern Warfare titles in the first place and we already have Doom and Quake for nostalgia. Still, someone, somewhere…