Fable II DLC coming, Fable III already hinted at

Kotaku got a chance to talk with the grand Peter Molyneux and pried some information out of him about Fable II‘s upcoming DLC, “See the Future.” Well, pried probably isn’t the right word as Molyneux will talk about anything, but, ease of getting the information aside, it appears we’ll see the new DLC in just a few weeks and it will have a shift to a stronger focus on story.

“The first (DLC) was done very close to Fable II and the team was tired and we sort of pushed ourselves to get something out early for the fans,” he said. “This time we’ve taken a little bit more time on it, it’s a little bit more story driven. It answers some of the questions, if you’re a real fan of Fable, it answers some of those questions. It’s going to test you a little bit emotionally as well. But I think the real unique thing here is it starts to tease and hint at what it starting to happen in the world of Albion and what is happening in the future.”

Speaking of the future, Molyneux also blurted out some info on the rumored Fable III, saying, “If we were to take the franchise even further, going on from Fable II, I’m not announcing anything, but if you play See the Future you’re going to be getting a flavor at what’s going to be happening,” he said. “My ideal is what I would want to happen is something big.” Basically, he’s not officially confirming anything, but he’s pretty much confirming everything. So what is this future that’s going to be big? Fable In Space?