Killzone 2 patch next week, future patches detailed

Surely we have not forgotten about Killzone 2 already have we? Even if there is one among us that has, we’re going to thrust it back into the front of their brain. Guerrilla Games has posted details for the upcoming 1.21 patch on the Killzone 2 forums that will go live early next week. It includes such features as the return of online bots, the option to create unranked games and a higher point cap for the Body Count mode.

Guerrilla is also brainstorming ideas for future patches. The most notable potential change is an optional control scheme. There’s also talk of minor fixes and more game creation options that could help the experience while playing with friends. All these features do not include plans for future DLC but Guerrilla is working on it at present.

Hit the jump for the complete list of fixes in the 1.21 patch and plans for future patches.

1.21 Patch

-Increase of the standard points settings for Bodycount. Should ensure longer mode on heavily populated games.
-The return of Online Bots. Adding bots to an online game renders it ‘unranked’.
-The option to create unranked games. Players will be made aware that a game is unranked upon joining.
-Fix to Game Search functionality so correct maps are displayed.
-Standardization of the Y-Axis controls on the HGH Scout when zoomed with the Sniper Rifle.
-Fix to Sensitivity setting where the weapon animation did not follow the reticule correctly.
-Fix for auto-aim exploit when rapidly tapping zoom/fire.
-Fix to infrequent collision issues with C4 Proximity mines.
-Fix to list of games displayed on search.
-Stability fix relating to disconnect.
-Fix to ‘Clan’ button functionality in custom game creation settings.

Future Patches

-Controls. Seeing about giving more options.
-Expanding on Join Game searches and options.
-Improving game and network stability.
-Collision exploits on maps.
-Improvements to help play with friends.
-More game creation options.
-More game options for clans.
-Fixes to Clans unexpectadly losing tournament rounds.
-Other minor fixes.