Left 4 Dead reaches 2.4 million sales and comes alive

Even before Valve’s Left 4 Dead was released we knew it was going to be one hell of a hit. Their $10 million advertising campaign shot out awesome trailers and TV spots, thus making the internets a huge bouncy castle for all the zombie maniacs out there. Since the majority of the world’s population indeed are zombie fans, it wasn’t really a question whether or not the game was going to be a success or not.

To this date, L4D has sold more than 2,4 million copies across the PC and the Xbox 360. The multitude of downloaded Steam copies are not included, so add a hefty bunch on that number and you’ll get the idea. Time to put some pressure on Valve to release Steam figures in order for us to compare titles the proper way.

To celebrate L4D’s well-being, we bring you this L4D photoshoot that photo comic book NightZero has created. It does contain some strange zombies and a mischievous blonde guy that’s sneeked onto the set — but other than that it looks amazing.