More Fallout 3 DLC in the making

Something that’s seemingly been overlooked in the jungle of gaming news is that Bethesda is currently working on even more DLC for headshot-RPG Fallout 3. Lead designer Emil Pagliarulo reported at a GDC panel this week that they’re currently in the discussion phase of which famous building’s sweetest to bring mayhem upon. Kind of.

“I can say we’re working on lots of DLC,” he said. “Lots of stuff brewing up here. God only knows where that may go. What famous landmarks can we destroy next?”

Since the latest expansion The Pitt is finally working properly, and the face color of those who tried to play it when it was released has gone back to normal, this should come as great news. This would also be a great time to guess where the next location will be. Sort of like how it’s done when another Grand Theft Auto game is in the making. Lucky bastards that get to play around in their own demolished hometown.