Rumor / Next Metal Gear to star Raiden

Our very own Tommy Lawler snapped the above shot of the hint that’s blowing up the internet right now. Kojima showed this image off at the end of his keynote, which you can read about here. Obviously another Metal Gear game was coming, but the little Raiden in the top corner gives us all a hint that it might be starring the cyber ninja himself. This is kind of awesome for two reasons. One being that it might give a new slant to the games and two is that we might actually get a stealthy ninja in a game instead of one soaked in blood (sorry Ninja Gaiden, you’re awesome, but that’s not real ninjaing).

Kojima has already stated that a new game he is already working on will be announced at E3 this year and maybe this it it. Of course, maybe he just thought the screen just looked a little empty and wanted to dress it up more. I mean, how do you make something more awesome? You stick a ninja on it. Simple as that.