Project Offset returns with a bang

Yea, that was in real time. It’s from the upcoming Action/RPG codenamed Project Offset. Haven’t heard of it? That’s most likely because we haven’t heard anything from the company behind it, Offset Software, for about a year since they were bought by Intel. You can catch up on the game here and check out the trailer that should give you an idea of what this engine can do and how frickin’ huge this game could be.

Heading over to the Project Offset site will let you know that the company is doing very well under Intel and still hard at work on their game and the game engine that is powering it. They still don’t mention what systems specifically this is all going to work for, but if it ends up looking that good on any of them then it will be a must buy. We can probably also rule out the Wii. The guys over at Offset Software are promising way more info in the coming months, and we’re guessing that means some big stuff showing up at E3. Hopefully a whole lot more than a showy video and the six new pieces of artwork we got below.