Square Enix set to take over Eidos in April

It appears that Square Enix’s plans to take over Eidos have come to fruition as Eidos’s shareholders have voted that it is indeed a good idea to sell the company. Square Enix put a bid in for the company back in February and are now set to take over the company come in late April or possibly early May. This will bring many of Eidos’s popular franchises under the Square Enix banner, but means that yet another European publisher has fallen. It’s starting to look pretty thin over there.

As for Square Enix, this is just another step in their plans of Western Civilization’s domination. With this buyout and their newly opened American study the company is looking to reinvent itself as a game company that doesn’t just make Japanese centered games, but ones that will appeal to the entire world. Soon we will all be bowing to our new Japanese master, begging them for Sqaure Enix’s latest FPS, Killing Bitches and Then Playing Soccer.