GDC 09 / Day five debrief, epilogue(s) to come

Today, I interviewed Nintendo’s Director of PR, Marc Franklin. A swell guy and I hope to have our swell little chat up and going for you guys real soon.

After that, I visited BioWare, where I got to look at Dragon Age and what I saw is not to be discussed with you until this Monday at 9 a.m. PST. It was a juicy little hour, and I hope to do all my time spent there justice. Keep checking back for that.

I then went to pay Activision a visit, who had me and some fellow journalists going about different rooms in the Four Seasons hotel to look at three upcoming games. Again, I can’t tell you much right now, but soon, you will learn of two marvelous titles and that upcoming Wolfenstein game as well.

Then I had a brief chat with some representatives from Gamers Gate, one of the digital distribution platforms that’s vying for a piece of the pie that’s all but dominated by Valve’s Steam. I spoke with their PR manager, Pernilla Eriksson, and essentially their hook is not more than Steam, but less. The philosophy, Eriksson stated, is to be more accessible for the customer, and get them their game fast.┬áThere is no client that needs to be running in the background. You pay for your game, get the link to download/install, play the game and move on with life. Should life inspire one to play the game again, one can download again (and again and again and etc.). Community features include review boards, tutor sections, in which seasoned players can help the stumped or frustrated, and a forum. Like Steam, they have weekend deals and weekly deals. Competition in the digital realm is doubtless going to be good for us consumers, so I, as someone who wants to save as much money as possible on games, have a strong hope to see these groups start catching up to Steam.

And that was my last meeting! It’s over, folks! I’m sad. You know who I walked past today? John Romero. Remember him? I don’t. Something about punching mosquitoes.

Logitech had a small ad stating that “Your game is the main attaction. We are happy to dissolve into the background,” and I’m pretty sure that’s an utterly humiliating typo and not a play on the word “attack.” I choose to believe the former. It’s just funnier.

Some guy was at some company’s expo booth and played tons of Street Fighter IV. It’s literally the only place I saw him. Well, I also saw him at THQ’s Thursday evening mixer, where everyone got two free drinks. If you spot him, and no, I will not describe him, watch out. He’s good at Street Fighter IV and knows how to use it.

I will cherish these moments forever. I will look back on them, cry a little on the outside, laugh a little on the inside, and then smirk at the horrible joke my emotions will have played.

But while the Conference is over, the stories are not. Be ready for that hands on stuff I can’t tell you about today, and the Nintendo interview, of course.

It was a fun ride, and I’ll see you all on it next year for sure. For now, though, it’s making up for lost sleep.