Mass Effect 2’s combat seems to be more of the same

We all know very well that Mass Effect was a fantastic game, but even fantastic games have some problems that everyone hopes gets fixed in the next generation. Think of it as videogame evolution, weeding out the glitches in the game’s DNA passing on better more refined DNA. Well the original Mass Effect’s combat system had a couple flaws. It was a wee bit clunky and definitely felt slow. Traditionally RPG’s combat is slower than say an FPS’s but since Mass Effect revolved around guns it always felt slow even though you knew it was an RPG and not a shooter.

Unfortunately it appears that Mass Effect 2’s combat system is at the very least, very similar to the first’s. Generally we don’t have a problem with this, but since this is one of the very few issues with the first game we were hoping that they would at least boost the combat system to make it a bit more engaging. It’s really hard to make out the commentary on this video over the gunshots and explosions and it could very well be that the presenter is revealing all the changes that we’re not seeing. But what we do see is that it looks just like the 1st game’s combat. Despite that, we’re positive that Mass Effect 2 will be a must play and we hope that the combat gets tweaked and that planet exploration doesn’t just involve different colored identical planets.