Open wide for Fat Princess single-player details

The last time we checked in on Fat Princess — the anticipated PlayStation Network title slated for release this summer — we offered up a smattering of tasty morsels about its multiplayer, team-based, CTFP (capture the fat princess) style of play. Whether you were sated by that bounty of information or not, we’ve got some single-player details here and we aim to cram ’em down your collective gullet.

According to the fine folks over at Joystiq, in addition to the already announced multiplayer gameplay that is the title’s obvious focus, Fat Princess will include two single-player modes. The first, dubbed “Gladiator,” has the player select a fully leveled character class and try to survive against waves of enemies. The second, “The Legend of the Fat Princess,” is the game’s story mode, which mirrors the multiplayer mode, but substitutes bots for humans. Did you get all of that? You’re not leaving this table until you do.