7 days around the MMO world (Mar.29)

Well GDC has come and gone but now we sit here, fans of MMOs, with tons of news and previews of current and upcoming games. We’re here to bring you all the notable news in one fell swoop so grab a seat and come along for the ride.

It seems like only a couple weeks ago that Warhammer’s first major content patch went live and that’s because it was. But wasting no time at all Mythic already has their next patch lined up to hit their public test realms in the coming week. As you would expect there seems to be a lot of fixes along with new and improved features. One of the biggest improvements coming in this next patch is the improvements being done to the combat system

Mythic is calling it “Combat Responsiveness Improvements” and what that is fixing is that squishy sort of feeling the overall combat system had. This was one of the biggest problems that Warhammer had vs other MMO’s. The combat just seemed to lag no matter how fast your connection was. Mythic is making some technical improvements to the system that should remove any feeling of lag or pausing in the casting thus making the combat feel much faster. Along with vastly improving the technical aspect of the combat system they’re also adding and updating many of the spell effects and animations. Those two parts will come together and form a nice boost to the current combat system.

The other major change coming in this patch is updated keep system. They’re adding some nice features to how keeps will work putting in some RTS-esque elements in. In this patch guilds that own keeps will be able to upgrade them adding boosted defense and utility. The upgrades come with a catch, they will cost money for upkeep and unpaid maintenance fees will leave your keep in a state of degradation. There will be special reward to guilds that can take and hold a keep until the zone is taken which should provide guilds with incentive to participate.

Main points of Warhammer patch 1.2.1

  • Combat Responsiveness Improvements
  • Keep Upgrade System
  • General UI Improvements
  • RvR Zone Control Rewards
  • Expanding the Battle for the Gates of Ekrund
  • Beyond the Sands live event
  • Bug Fixes
  • Return to Nordenwatch Weekend Event

In this next part of this week’s update we’re going to do something a little different. Since GDC had a lot to show us in the way of new MMO’s we’re going to feature of couple of them right here. The first one up to the plate is Fallen Earth.

Fallen Earth is an MMOFPS taking place on earth in a post-apocalyptic future and while it’s FPS style it has RPG undertones. This is an MMO that is slightly straying off the beat and path of what typical MMO’s follow. Traditionally there are a few classes you choose from in MMOs but not Fallen Earth. Instead you choose your stats and build your character from the ground up with no single archetype to fall into. The general concept is that there are six factions all fighting for dominance in the world, at some point in you character’s progression you choose one of those factions and fight for their cause.

The overall idea of the game and lack of traditional classes is exciting and should prove to be a wild and refreshing take on the MMO genre. As you can see the graphics are particularly exciting but if there is one lesson we learned from World of Warcraft it’s that cutting edge graphics don’t really matter in MMOs. We’re excited for a new MMO setting and be sure that we’ll be bringing you more Fallen Earth news in the future.

The last new MMO we’ll show you this week is the crime based MMOFPS called CrimeCraft. Like Fallen Earth it’s both a FPS style MMO and a decent departure from the traditional MMORPG. CrimeCraft has all the community things you would find in a typical MMO like crafting, trading, auction houses, guilds (gangs) and so on. The biggest difference is that the game’s combat is very much FPS style. The idea is to force players to be skillful and remove the random number game that generally powers most MMOs. The combat is separate from the general world, as you will enter instances and be switching into FPS view where you’ll shoot it out with other players.

While the combat is skill based you still have level progression like you would find in other MMOs. The difference is that your level doesn’t improve your raw power and rather gives you more options to use while in combat. This keeps that gap between new and veteran players at a minimum because a skillful new player can still out play a veteran player regardless of their level.

The game’s focus is obviously on crime and gangs think of it as Grand Theft Auto in an MMO setting. But one of the other main features of the game is the crafting aspect, hence the name CrimeCraft (I know you thought they were ripping off World of Warcraft, so did we) The crafting will be fairly robust and players will be free to craft weapons and clothing.

In other MMO news: