March Madness Guitar Hero: Metallica spot is fantastic

Activision raised the bar for videogame advertising when they released a star-studded Guitar Hero: World Tour commercial a few months ago featuring Kobe Bryant, Tony Hawk, Micael Phelps before weed, and A-rod before steroids and prostitution ring. The good news about this new Metallica spot is that leading man Bobby Knight already has most of his life’s scandals behind him. Behind Knight are fellow NCAA coaching legends Mike Krzyzewski of Duke, Roy Williams of North Carolina, and Louisville’s Rick Pitino.

Activision’s efforts to reach beyond the music industry to find their spokesmen is a tribute to the wide range of Guitar Hero‘s appeal. The new March Madness-specific ad is again focused on the sports fan, but could attract an older crowd than previous commercials. Perhaps all those elderly gamers that are finally tired of playing Wii bowling?

Of course, Metallica themselves make an appearance and their verbal confrontation with Knight will make your day. Guitar Hero: Metallica is now available for Xbox360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.