10 reasons to buy Prototype

In case you can’t think of a reason to pick up Radical Entertainment’s Prototype, releasing this June, Activision has thought up a few for you.

There are purportedly ten reasons you should buy this sandbox slaughter-fest, though it really boils down to three: jumping around, killing people, changing shapes. The “identity theft” mechanic looks pretty sweet, allowing genetically mutated amnesiac Alex Mercer to assume the physical identities, as well as the memories and abilities of anyone he “consumes,” a process conveyed in neck-snappingly, torso-twistingly gruesome detail. But Alex doesn’t have to tear through someone’s insides to get to their outsides – a move called “the patsy” allows him to clone a soldier before convincing his pal to blow away the original. And him with a baby on the way. So sad.

If all this talk of shape-shifting stealth isn’t doing anything for you, there’s also drop kicking dudes into the spinning blades of a chopper. Sick and sweet, in equal measure.