Achron: time travelling RTS revealed

While few details have actually been released, Hazardous Software has been good enough to post this game footage on YouTube (h/t ShackNews) of their upcoming title, Achron. The game is an ambitious RTS that promises “gimmick free” time travel as a “core mechanism” of the gameplay.

From the above footage, we can see that Achron looks a lot like Total Annihilation with one giant, ground breaking difference. Players can move in and out of time at will in order to make or undo commands, alter previous battles, or send troops to the past in order to catch enemies off guard. All of this requires “Chrono Energy”, a sort of mana that is used when moving through time and issuing commands outside of the present.

The explanatory footage is informative, but a little convoluted. I am not quite sure how all of the time travel will work on a multiplayer format, or if meddling with the past will create giant children, instill Ned Flanders as a world leader, or cause clouds to rain donuts. We can only hope.