Dante’s Inferno: The Animated Film

It’s coming. Deal with it. EA and Starz Media, the same combination that brought us the relatively decent Dead Space: Downfall, will now be delivering an animated film based off of EA’s new game Dante’s Inferno, which we all know (hopefully) is based off the Divine Comedy. The film will also follow Dante through the many layers of hell and promises to expand on the storyline of the game while most likely ignoring many of the book’s themes.

The two companies, in order to give each level of hell it’s own special flare, “are taking the innovative step of commissioning unique visions from multiple studios with experience creating some of the top anime in the industry to tell this classic story.” Hopefully this means different artists for each level kind of like the Batman and Matrix animated collections, but in full movie form. Film Roman’s Joe Goyette (Dead Space: Downfall) is the producer on the project, Victor Cook (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Hellboy Animated: Blood & Iron) is directing and Brandon Auman (Iron Man: Armored Adventures) is writing. So, think this will be a classy period piece with deep thought and introspection on th… OH! CROSS TO THE FACE! THAT’S GOTTA HURT!