Sony squashes PS3 price cut rumors yet again

We are less than 24 hours away from Sony announcing something that will set the whole world on fire. What could it be? Did it realize every PS3 should come bundled with a mic, did it buy Microsoft? Or is it announcing the grand opening of the executive bathroom on the top floor of Sony headquarters? Whatever the announcement is we know it’s not a PS3 price cut. Joystiq was contacted by Sony who flat out said there are no plans to drop the price of the PS3.

“As we have stated previously, we do not have plans for a PS3 price drop, and any rumors to that effect are false and are the result of speculation. SCEA remains focused on the long-term momentum of PS3. With the industry’s best software lineup this year, combined with our most aggressive marketing campaign to date, we remain confident in our approach and the value we’re delivering with PS3.”

We’re not sure if Joystiq asked about the rumored PS2 price drop but Sony makes no mention of that in this statement. It would be pretty anticlimactic if this all this hype turned out to be about a $99 PS2. Good deal or not, fans and industry professionals alike have been asking for a drop in the price of the PS3 for some time now. If only this was Sony’s attempt at an early April Fools’ joke then maybe it would all finally make sense.