Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts DLC trailer rolls into view

Check out the new — slightly shoddy looking — trailer for the forthcoming Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts downloadable content, ‘L.O.G.s Lost Challenges.’ The first batch of DLC for the inventive Xbox 360-exclusive title contains new achievements, 12 new Jiggy Game challenges and 7 new multiplayer games as well some new unlockable rewards. In Rare’s own words: “It’s like a whole new game, except that you’ll obviously need the original game to be able to play it, and it’s not actually a whole new game.”

Apparently, the content will also feature seven sets of blueprints from the winners of Rare’s vehicle design contest, which can also be unlocked by “completing the Stop N Swop feature” from the upcoming Banjo-Tooie for XBLA. And just to top things off, this DLC will arrive at the same time as some free Banjo-Kazooie Gamerpics that everyone can get their hands on. Nice of them innit?

‘L.O.G.s Lost Challenges’ will be available to download from Apr. 7 for 400 Microsoft Points.