Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers website rewards visits with videos

Those teases over at Square Enix have launched a website for their long-awaited action RPG Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers, with the number of page visits determining when videos of the game will be released.

Square Enix have been playing this one close to the chest, with little information available on the Wii-centric role player other than the trailer included with the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. But clearly this gravity-defying title, once rumored to have been quietly canceled, is still in development. The teaser website currently features the trailer, the wallpaper pictured above and two grayed-out items, “It’s Gonna Be A Long Night” and “Public Spectacle”, with the words “More Visits, More Movies” flashing over them. Limber up those clicking fingers, Crystal Chronicles fans!