Healthy man dies while playing Wii Fit

The Daily Mail is reporting that a 25-year-old man died while playing Wii Fit on March 4. Tim Eves was playing the jogging game when he collapsed in front of his girlfriend and his best friend. He was rushed to the hospital and died. According to reports he was perfectly healthy and pretty fit to boot. The activities in Wii Fit should not have been that big a problem for him and probably weren’t as doctors are suggesting that he died from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

Actually, this story has pretty much nothing to do with gaming, but I’d like to announce my new greatest fear in the world and that is Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. This is a syndrome where adults suddenly die! What the hell is that? Fine, it’s got some medical stuff behind it about the heart not beating regularly during exercise, but could the name be any worse? “What did Bob die of?” “Oh, sudden death. Terrible news really.” It sounds kind of like saying people who are hit by buses die of Sudden Getting Hit By A Bus Syndrome, doesn’t it?