Kaos Studios hiring for unannounced game

Kaos Studios, the studio that started out as just 15 guys, a whiteboard, and inspiration from Desert Combat, their Battlefield 1942 mod, has announced that it is boosting staffing levels in anticipation for full blown development on an unannounced project. The developer is looking to top their first game, Frontlines: Fuel of War, which has shipped over one million copies since its release.

“Building on the success of Frontlines: Fuel of War, we plan to continue to introduce groundbreaking new features in our next project,” said studio General Manager David Schulman. Part of the recruiting is being done on their website, which has specific positions and a history of the studio. We checked it out and are absolutely ready to apply for a job just because of reason number 10, birthday cupcakes all year.

We like the idea of a similar game from Kaos Studios coming our way, we just hope lessons have been learned. Oh, and Kaos, if you are listening, keep the drones.