Operation Flashpoint wants to know if you’re ready

Some people believe that an alien war god called Xenu controlled overpopulation by blowing people up in volcanos, some people believe that tiny gnomes gather around their laundry machine to steal their socks and others believe that Codemaster’s Operation Flashpoint is the best war sim out there. Me, myself and I belong in the latest category of believers. Consequently, this new trailer showing the open spaces of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is a good thing.

Operation Flashpoint is all about feeling. Knowing that one bullet might kill is a rather effective way of ensuring tension throughout the experience. The variety of missions and possible approaches mixed with the collaborative low- and high paced moments is what made Operation Flashpoint brilliant — and the videos and screens we’ve seen combined with the years Codemasters has had to develop the game promises some deadly quality this time around as well. Fighting over oil couldn’t have a better outlook.

Also, new screens.