Payne coming to Xbox Originals?

With the announcment of a Max Payne 3 coming out many gamers went into their game cave and dug up the original two games to remember how great diving through the air in slow motion whilst firing two guns at the same time truly was. But what about all those people that missed out on the chance to lunge forward through a doorway while blasting your foes away with a shotgun in ridicously cool slow motion? Xbox Originals may have them covered.

The filings over a the ESRB show that Max Payne and Max Payne 2 are listed as 360 games, but as we can clearly tell from turning our 360s on, they are not. Does this mean we’ll be getting some downloadable goodness in the form of both games at some point? From what I remember, you’d be better off buying them cheap for your computer than playing them on the console. Back when Payne was king so was the PC.