PlatinumGames hits Japan with a space opera

When PlatinumGames released MadWorld it was specifically designed to cater to the Western market and thus was never released in Japan. It also might have had a little something to do with Japan’s censorship laws and the copious amounts of blood and death in the game. Either way, Japan still lacks a game from the new publisher. That will all end when Infinite Space launches for the DS on June 11 in the land across the sea (and at some pont later here).

The RPG space opera will task players with piloting and creating spaceships in order to do battle with evil in a grandiose setting full of love, life and danger. Operatic enough for you? Well hold on to your fat lady and strap that viking hat down, because you’ll be getting to play as Yuri, who starts as a crew member, but eventually works his way up the ranks and commands his own crew. Once you’re tough enough in the single player story mode you can even take your ship online and do battle against your friends. If only it were Skies of Arcadia I’d be really excited.