The Godfather II opening cinematic gets some serious mileage outta movie logo

For those who can’t wait to pound the streets of The Godfather II, EA has released a video you can’t refuse.

The opening cinematic summarizes the events of the first game, which cast the player as a foot soldier for the infamous Corleone family. EA has clearly taken some liberties with the plot of the mobster masterpiece, with clan master Michael moving the player’s character up the ranks to understudy Don, plotting and moving against rival families in order to control all the rackets in Havana, Miami, and New York. But the spirit of the film seems to have remained intact, incorporating both the iconic puppet master logo and the sweet strains of Nino Rota’s haunting theme.

With the exception of Grand Theft Auto IV, is there any recently released open world crime game that can compete with this new take on The Godfather franchise? Fuggedaboutit!