Fuel’s vehicles revealed

Codemasters brings us a new trailer for their upcoming open world racer, FUEL, showing off the six classes of vehicles you’ll be driving and likely crashing in the weather-beaten wasteland.

In total, there are 70 different vehicles to race across FUEL‘s massive 5,000 square mile gameworld, from dirt bikes to semis to roadsters — the vehicles are as varied as the weather effects, which will have you dodging lightning, blizzards and tornadoes to claim the flag. You can even pilot a hovercraft across the iconic Utah salt-plains. Sure, the handling looks like shit, but did we mention IT’S A FREAKIN’ HOVERCRAFT.

As neat as the racing looks, we’re most looking forward to exploring this post-apocalyptic world with up to 16 online friends in “free roam” mode. Just gotta think of a good name for our hovercraft gang.