I’ll take a Wii Fit, hold the fun

The Wii fitness club is getting yet another instructor this year with Yoga. EA thinks that Wii Fit is too “Eastern” for North American Wii owners, but DreamCatcher Games and JoWooD Productions must think the opposite with this yoga only game. Yoga for Wii will utilize the Balance Board, just like Wii Fit, and guide players through a variety of yoga forms for a workout, just like Wii Fit. Players will be able to monitor their progress and set daily routines, also just like Wii Fit. So, what will Yoga do that Nintendon’t?

Yoga will allow players to select pre-determined routines to help with common ailments, which is very cool getting into the whole “Eastern” medicine thing. Yoga will have three play modes. Story Mode has players work through the game to become a yoga guru, Training Mode for, well, training and Routine Mode with player-created or pre-created routines. Yoga will also utilize the Wiimote along with the Balance Board for better balance calculations and include mini-games to quiz players’ yoga knowledge.

With plenty of trainers jumping into the Wii fitness arena it is interesting to see one holding to its Sun Salutation. We’re sure this will be popular enough in Japan, but don’t expect it to make much of a splash elsewhere when it hits in October.