Man kills woman for playing GTA all night

It seems as though gamers are defending their hobby against an onslaught of criticism every other day. Someone gets shot, blame Grand Theft Auto. School shooting, Counter Strike did it. A child gets abducted, it was because of Animal Crossing. Never mind that these people might have their own personal issues or reasons for acting in such an inappropriate manner, grab the torches and chase the videogame monster.

Last November, former Heathrow airport worker Malcolm Parker did chase that monster and will most likely be headed to a comfy cell for his efforts. He snapped after being forced from their bedroom and made to sleep on the sofa as Carol Cannom, his partner of 30 years, pulled all night Grand Theft Auto gaming sessions, stabbing her 20 times with two separate knives. The murder was called in by their son James before the phone was taken from him and Palmer told authorities, “I’m sorry. I think I’ve killed her.” Palmer is to be sentenced on Wednesday.

That is the story most media outlets will tell you, but not us. We actually read the article and discovered that the couple had been having problems beforehand, such as Palmer thinking Cannom was having an affair. The night of the murder, she told him to move out of their house and threatened to never let him see their children again, which caused Palmer to apparently enter a violent rage. Then there is the fact that Palmer was 32 when he began the relationship with the 16 year old Cannom, probably won’t hear that from the other reports either.