PopCap doesn’t want zombies on the lawn

Let’s face it, nobody likes zombies but everyone loves to kill them in any way possible. Guns naturally work best, followed by swords, chainsaws and lawnmowers. PopCap games has come up with a way to dispose of the undead in an environmentally friendly way by using flowers. Those flowers are the only defense we have before the zombies walk across the lawn and devour our brains and they will fight day and night to protect their planters.

Plants vs. Zombies is a mix between the real time strategy, tower defense and collectible card game genres. PopCap hasn’t specified which platforms Plants vs. Zombies will be released on but those who sign up for Zombie Alerts will be able to download the game before its official release date and receive 10 percent off the purchase price. Maybe PopCap will have another highly addictive story on its hands. Afterall, Plants vs. Zombies has one of the catchiest theme songs we’ve heard in a long time.