Trekkies know how to rock?

We’re pretty sure this is for real, but it’s just one of those announcements that sits right on the edge of believability and total absurdness. However, the press release came from the right people and it’s all done very well so we’ll bight. The upcoming Star Trek film, Star Trek, is partnering with Rock Band for a month long build up to the film’s opening. What exactly do Rock Band and Star Trek have in common other than two letters? Pretty much nothing, but they’ll try anyway.

First will be a 15-day sweepstakes that fans can register for that will give away 500 songs from the Rock Band Music Store every day from April 7-21. After this the two franchises will host a battle of the bands from April 20-27 in which contestants can win a screening of Star Trek in their hometown for band members and friends. 20 other bands will win sweet, sweet, swag. Finally, the promotion will culminate in an Avatar creation contest in which contestants will upload futuristic Avatars and get a chance to win “The Future is Now” prize pack including the top of the line Rock Band game accessories. You have to wonder why Harmonix would choose April 1 to reveal such a strange tie in, but all signs point to real.