The Godfather II comes packing… for a price

DLC is the name of the game right now, and it’s going one or two ways. It will either be a great way to get bonus levels and expand the game or it’s going to be a nickel and diming affair for every little piece of content the developer can get away with. EA has announced that The Godfather II will be getting some content packs and they hit right in the middle of the road of the two.

One pack will be the Pentangeli Map Pack ($6.75), which will feature two multiplayer maps that players can duke it out on. That’s OK, right? Multiplayer maps are cool to pay for. The other two packs are a weapon pack ($4) that features some level four weapons and a downloadable character ($4) that you can add to your family. He’ll be a little more powered up than the characters you start the game with. This seems a little ridiculous. Paying for tiny bits of content like this is slightly annoying. Despite the fact that you’ll be able to purchase all three packs together for $10, the fact that these packs will be available just 2 weeks after the game releases is just a little perturbing.