Introversion reveal Microsoft XBLA approval process

Like the Colonel’s secret recipe and the term ‘lady problems,’ the approval process for Xbox LIVE Arcade games is shrouded in mystery. But developers Introversion are planning on blowing the lid off the whole thing by making the entire procedure public. The team are posting everything on their website; internal design documents, usability reports, AI code and even company emails during the approval process that will lead to the eventual release of Multiwinia +.

In addition to this, Introversion are working with Edge to provide editorial content critiquing the entire development process of the game. You can find a couple of pieces over there already, one detailing the Genesis of Multiwinia + and the other, Culture Shock, discussing the learning curve the small independent devs experienced in dealing with business behemoth Microsoft.

It promises to be an interesting read, to this nerdy mind anyway. The labyrinthine approval processes and frequent delays of the Microsoft approval procedure are often referred to and grumbled about by devs. This time we’ll actually get to see what all the fuss is about.