Konami has high hopes for Saw

Our dreams of becoming one of Jigsaw’s helpless victims is slowly coming true. Konami has picked up the publishing rights to the videogame counterpart to the movie franchise Saw after its original publisher, Brash Entertainment, went bankrupt. It’s scheduled to be released on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in the fall alongside Saw VI in theaters.

The director of marketing for Konami David Daniels explained how Konami wants to further solidify its position in the survival horror genre by aligning itself with a game that could be on the same level as Silent Hill. The game will feature some original Jigsaw inspired traps as well as fan favorites that will have to be disarmed like a puzzle in order to escape. We also must decide whether or not to save Jigsaw’s other victims as well.

Daniels expects us to be thoroughly freaked out by some of the “visual intensity” Saw will bring to the table. This kind of horror is more graphic and intense as opposed to Silent Hill‘s psychological approach. Oh and yes, there will be blood.