Twisted Pixel announces ‘Splosion Man

With yesterday being April Fool’s Day, there was no way to tell whether Twisted Pixel, the makers of The Maw, were joining in on the fun or if it really is developing a game called ‘Splosion Man. Twisted Pixel got back to us today to insure us ‘Splosion Man is not a joke. ‘Splosion Man was created in an underground military facility and can explode at will. This 2.5D side scrolling action platformer will have online and offline four player co-op multiplayer in addition to a story mode. It’s coming to Xbox Live arcade but no price or date has been given.

In this game players go around blowing stuff up. The main character is made out of explosions and he ‘splodes people into steaks and ribeyes. ‘Splosion Man will also have leaderboards that will show the fastest times one has ‘sploded a level. Twisted Pixel received quite a bit of praise with The Maw and maybe this new IP will be just as good — and hopefully longer.