Batman gets gadgety in Arkham Asylum’s “Silent Knight” mode

What makes Batman so much cooler than Superman, Spiderman or any of latest pledges wandering the quad of Professor Xavier’s School is that he’s the only superhero without any superpowers, relying solely on his smarts, his gadgets and his millionth-degree black belt to get the job done.

And how happy we are to see evidence of this in the latest trailer for Batman: Arkham Asylum. This six-minute clip shows off the skills that earned him the title of World’s Greatest Detective. There will be plenty of fisticuffs, but the real shining star of Rocksteady’s upcoming take on the masked manhunter is the “Silent Knight” mode, which plays toward Batman’s penchant for theatricality, deception and lots of crazy, cool gadgets.

Could this really be the best Batman game ever?