Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be bigger and better

Bigger and better is a claim that gets thrown around a lot. In fact it really doesn’t mean anything much anymore, but in the case of Beyond Good & Evil 2 it means a lot, because in this case we would have all settled for smaller and the same if it meant more from the series. In a recent interview Michel Ancel of Ubisoft spoke about the game, revealing some very interesting details.

For starters we will see plenty of returning characters, but that might be where the similarities end. The team that designed the first Beyond Good & Evil had some different ideas for the game that they just couldn’t execute on the tech of the time, but with this generation of consoles they’ll be able to explore their wildest fantasies. This means that the game will not only look different, but also play differently too. Gameplay will be dissimilar to the original and they’re basically building it from the ground up. Because of this it means that the game is still in pre-production! We might not even be seeing it at E3 this year, there’s no word on what consoles it will hit (though it doesn’t sound like it can be done on the Wii, but a port might come) or how long we have to wait for a release. In fact Ancel said that if the design they’re working on doesn’t work out they’ll start all over again!

If that design doesn’t work I’m flying to France and strangling him.